mein kampf in exclusive books, seapoint, cape town

adolf hitler mein kampf

adolf hitler‘s mein kampf ( is a book that inspired the mess that had more than 6 million jews and many other nationalities (many serbs as well) anihilated. cape town suburb seapoint ( is an area with the most jews per square kilometer in the world (this i heard only, i have no real proof). exclusive books ( is a very commercial bookstore chain in south africa. that is why i find it strange that exclusive books located in seapoint (an ultra jewish area) sells mein kampf.

to make the thing even weirder they classified adolf hilter’s mein kampf under biographies, next to football players’ and actors’ biographies. i have not read the whole mein kampf yet but what i have read does not seem like a biography to me. it seems like a crazy political rant designed to inspire average or lower intelligence people into supporting fucked up strategies to make the world into a totalitarian hell.

i think i should call the jewish community or do something about it cause it seems crazy to sell such extreme literature in such a place. i do not know. i feel like i am the only one who gets it. i do believe in freedom of speach and all of that, but i do not think books which inspire mass murder of entire nations or religions should be sold like this.