there will be blood

there will be blood

there will be blood ( is an ok film. long but remains entertaining. but it is a bad copy of kubrick‘ work. not only because of the music which is nice but not original enough for my taste. not after 100 years of film. it is the whole film – it is too much of a wannabe. not super pretentious but getting there. there is a feeling of a need for immediate acceptance and nothing with this feeling can trully be of any substantial value.

when i was a kid i played alto saxophone and i heard that many saxophone players avoided alto and moved to tenor because charlie parker was too good and no one wanted to compete with him. maybe this influence is still over the whole saxophone thing.

obviously i am no expert but in movie-making stanley kubrick has made movies closest to perfection. actually he made perfect films. against this standard i have to rate anything that is made. there will be blood rates very badly. as i said it still aims to please the crowd too much and this is always a loose.

that is why making movies is a super hard thing to do: there is so much stuff made and there is such a need to satisfy everyone that it is super hard to make movies of any value. at least it seems that way when i go to cinema or video store.

internet is a good option – it is still a place where you can set your own standards and be in your own game. or you could few years ago. now it is already starting to be very competetive. but hardly as competetive as film, and not to mention music and poetry. poetry especially which absolutely does not depend on technology.

it is hardest to be a poet.