negative thoughts

velodrome is positive! photo by jkoshi

negative thoughts – i have quite a few of them these days.

but negative thoughts are very useful. they grow out of conflicts and create new conflicts but, if you are a healthy and positive person, they should result in resolution, experience and wisdom, and it all eventually results in peace of mind.

negative and positive thoughts (whatever these terms mean) are necessary and useful part of every day life.

what is the point of being a jolly-good-thinker all the time anyway. some intensity and misery is super useful and great source of knowledge.

however, not many people get this and are too sensitive to negativity of any kind. that means they themselves are negative yet are not able to transform the negativity into something positive. this is because they do not digest it.

anyway, whenever i have negative thoughts i think hundred times more about all kinds of nonsense and it usually amounts, at some weird moment like while i am on the toilet or cycling down a hill, in some awesome idea.

if you want to enjoy life you have to enjoy your negativity, your fear, your anger and your sadness. it is all a lot of fun. also you have to enjoy other’s people crap as well. it is hard to explain how and why but trust me on this one.

i am not trying to be some kind of an emotional or spiritual coach. i think coaching is quite bogus. i am just saying what i think. i haven’t research it nor i care to research it. let me know what you think, as always.