no more military


serbia is far from an advanced country in many aspects.

however, in one particular aspect i think it is performing well.

after 15 years of war people are quite fed up of military.

at very mention of fighting, war, military or anything similar people just get sick and angry.

i do not know of a place where ideas of military combat cause more negative feelings.

a place where someone employed by military is regarded by less respect.

thats a good thing.

today i received a letter from military saying:

you are no longer obliged to serve military.

after more than a decade of dodging military service finally freedom! :)

i never did and i never will be part of this horrible organization.

it is a great thing that this government decided to abolish this form of modern slavery.

the very concept of military is sick.

someone decides you should kill someone and they make you do it.

part brainwashing through media, part just brutal force (kill or be killed).

there are levels of makeup to diverse military systems but they are all the same.

who in their right clear mind wants to be trapped in mud killing kids?

what were the changes in war and military for past few thousand years – nothing.

only presentation with emergence of media.

someone still has to take a weapon and kill someone.

if killing was not necessary, military would be called diplomacy.

military is about one thing only – murder for the sake of economic gain.

to conclude – i have respect for people who serve in military.

i wish them to see the reality and leave this organization.

there are plenty of other jobs.

i disrespect the system and organization, not the people.

people are people, they get carried away easily by media.

did i say i do not like military? :)