online taxes

arnold schwarzenegger

there is this country where i was born.

my parents have this country’s passport and so do i.

this country requires us to give a little bit of what we make so it makes sure we are safe, healthy and we can do things normally.

normally being a very broad term, but we do have water, heating, roads, schools, media and other stuff.

in reality difference between this country (serbia) and whatever is considered the best possible country are little.

of course devil is in detail but most of the things are present and within 99% of best quality.

then there is this other country that i exist in.

actually, not a country but a universe.


no one there asks me for any taxes but i do end up paying constant fees.

i just calculated i own 127 domain names which cost me 1292 euros each year.

i also pay for several other services like and

plus i pay a person to help me with all of this additional 250 euro a year.

all in all I seem to pay more online fees than i pay taxes.


most of these fees, i think, end up in countries like usa and germany.

luckily i am not a typical citizen of serbia?

i pay almost half of serbia’s gni to foreign online service providers

of course they are part of my work and these investments allow me to make much more.

if i was not making much more i would not exist very long.

however, what i do notice is that year by year i am more efficient.

as i am just starting to learn some things, i am very excited about what will happen for me in next decade.