again about domain names


i was checking my domain names list, some interesting ones there.

recently i managed to buy two single english words as .com.

to find this in 2010 is quite remarkable.

i own and

very interesting words, i like them a lot.

i also own

abraham zapruder is the guy who made the controversial video of kennedy’s assassination.

the name sounds wonderful and it was repeated many times in stone’s film jfk.

i had to have it.

another nice one is

also – the nasa project sent into deep space. is a project i manage.

i also own and


i own around 127 domain names which is probably at least 1000 euros annual fees – i do not wish to know.

i am a compulsive domain name buyer.

i mostly have to restrain myself from buying domain names.

also i owned some amazing domain names i my life but i did not have vision to keep them and were mine.

agenzia is agency in italian.

pljeskavica is the most popular fast food dish in serbia and croatia, sort of like owning

i hope to have more vision for my current domain names.

you can help me by using words like anatropism and parachronism more in daily conversations.

really interesting words yet reported as errors by my spell check.