persona by ingmar bergman

persona ingmar bergman

movie starts with some bullshit cut ups which are super boring. than the scene in the hospital starts to be super serious and it took my attention and held it. i mean the image of an penis did not really impress me, i was like wtf, but when the real story started it was super cool.

nurse and the actress – very very interesting.

now i would definitely recommend this film to everybody, just fast forward through those bullshit whatever they are cutups – unless you are into that.

the story is sort of 60s psychoanalysis blah blah but actually very very good with awesome aesthetics. very inspiring and so refreshing to see a movie about something that does not follow the usual archetypical storyline.

it is super refreshing.

it inspires many questions and there is not enough time to write and answer them all here and now.

i have to wake up early to swim 6 x 400m tempo which is a lot.

see the movie!