thank you rafael rozendaal

is a new art website / poem i made.

i originated from a lot of ideas and came down to this simple and elegant version.

text still feels clumsy to me but i like clumsy for now, when i read it it breaks off, does not flow, and sometimes i like this in poems. not everything should be easy. this ideal of perfect rythm and rhyme in poetry is super annoying. it is eye candy from many centuries ago, when poets did not have the balls to say anything important so they jerked off with the beauty of the language.

who fucking cares about the quality of language if you are understood and if your message is important.

if a monkey is trying to tell you there is a bomb which will kill you and you understand that, i think we can forgive the monkey for not having the perfect language skills.

and who is to say the monkey way of saying things is not awesome as well. some people take too much arrogance in judging the aesthetics. no one is wise enough to be the judge of things like aesthetics. its super confusing.

what am i ranting about here anyway?