pioneer plaque

pioneer plaque

apollo 11 launched 40 years and 1 day ago on 16th july 1969… so i was reminded of my obsession with the pioneer plaques (launched with pioneer 10 and 11).

pioneer plaque is a design/content failure – what is the point of drawing pictures to aliens in the first place? can they see? and if they do see will they only see a bunch of lines which do not connect as a whole? and why gold?

obviously pioneer plaque was more of a marketing project locally than a communication tool with extraterrestrials.

but it is a bit of romance that marks an era. back when movies and music were good? and women did not shave so much.

check out my interesting i own this domain name which is so much a part of american history.

from around that time i also have – the guy who filmed the kennedy assassination – i love his name. it is only now that i realized that both of these come from similar geopolitical time zone. thanks to my interest in brian droitcour i have started noticing these useless stereotypical connections.

these websites get very little visits. interesting.