rhizome.org and brian droitcour google results analyses


rhizome.org google searchtosic.com saga continues post is 9th result

brian droitcour google searchbriandroitcour.com is 6th result

jeff koons serpentine google search – too lazy to count how brian droitcour jeff koons serpentine gallery places

black acid co-op google search – too lazy to count how brian droitcour black acid co-op deitch projects places

art journalism google search – too lazy to count how brian droitcour style of art journalism places

my favorite: jackson pollock alcoholism google searchbrian droitcour jackson pollock ww2 is 9th result :)

these results are off course temporary.

says a lot about how important internet actually is – if i can fuck around like this and get high on some (useless) searches means there is no competition at all. with very little work someone could control the image of someone like jackson pollock. with more strategic work one could dominate such terms and probably influence the ideas about these artists/brands for couple of tens of millions people. this could be done with very little money.

i wonder how would it influence the price of an art piece if one would mess with these things.

but since most businesses are totally clueless about controlling their image online and just pray no one notices them, it is not a surprise that art businesses do not bother.

however, in ten years i guess there should be some online battles about defining such terms, as competition grows… there are always people who are aggressive. not many… its a very small %, but enough to stimulate a global trend… as always.

aggressive people should chill out.

i don’t know what i am talking about but it sounds cool to me.