Rafael Rozendaal in New York via Rhizome.org

Rafael Rozendaal is doing something in New York and it is organized by Rhizome – check it out at rhizome.org.

I would never have guessed Rafael Rozendaal being connected to Rhizome. I know any years ago Rhizome and the crowd was not really much into Neen but I guess times change or maybe it was only my prejudice based on bad information.

For me Rhizome was one thing and Need is another. Once I got interested in the second I lost interest for the first. Strange that these two mix now.

Go see Rafael speak.

Also strange to see Hans Bernhard in the same place with Rafael. I mean this is strange to me, in my stange mind, I am aware that for most people this is perfectly normal. I guess I am way too specific when it comes to internet art.