richard branson does it better?

media is sceptical about richard branson‘s enterprise zimbabwe.

zimbabwe is under us and eu sanctions, but richard branson, a businessman, is trying, in his own way, to jump start zimbabwean business.

i have lived maybe 1/3 of my life under eu and usa sanctions, and probably the rest of my life i will live affected by these sanctions.

sanctions are one of the most brutal forms of destroying the spirit and hope of an entire nation. i would say it is equal to second world war carpet bombing (which also did not give any healthy results) or nuclear bombing. only problem is that it is quiet and easy for media to digest.

while armies can not really carpet bomb and throw nuclear weapons due to media and overall sensibility of the average tv viewer, economic sanctions are a great substitute.

how does it work. effect of sanctions are equal to locking a healthy child in a glass prison and putting it in the middle of the main square. if the child is sick you make fun of it and tell it to do tricks. if the child does tricks you do not reward it. you basically blackmail the entire nation by ruining the economy which further ruins all government institutions, most importantly health.

excuse for this is usually some kind of regime change but in every single example people only supported the regime more. just as carpet bombing never really ruined the moral of germans, only strengthened it.

i am happy that richard branson is doing something with zimbabwe. i can imagine how these people are totally ruined by usa and eu paper-pushers who hypocritically claim they want good to the them, but actually starve and kill them. i can imagine how any attention they get from someone, anyone, like richard branson can mean so much to them, even though branson could be doing it for his own profit. it does not matter. as long as he does something.

westerners can never understand how extreme sanctions are. while usa and eu get super worried about a minor crisis of few % decline in gdp sanctions cause approx 100 times greater decline in matter of months. just think – how can a hospital afford the machines, how can doctors continue their work, how can people buy medicine.

it is only normal that these people hate the west even more. no one can be surprised that iraqi, after 13 years of sanctions (whole generations who grew up in this) can only hope to get to kill an american. it is estimated 200 000+ babies died in iraq due to sanctions.

so bravo richard branson for thinking of zimbabwean people…

maybe if there was richard branson for iraq, afghanistan or serbia the world would be a much better place.

we are all tuck here together.