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i’ve had sex with another woman and a man before (i am a woman). we were all friends. it was alright, we had fun. the idea came to the other girl and i one day when we were at a bar (we both just wanted to see what it was like), and we decided one of our guy friends would be the best candidate – we both felt comfortable enough with him and both had slept with him before. she and i proposed the idea to him at a party shortly thereafter and, after complaining for a little while that he wished it was under more spontaneous circumstances, agreed to give it a go. we were drunk and took a taxi back to his apartment. i don’t think any of us took it too seriously. i’d rather it be the way it was than me and 2 men because the other girl and i got to take turns resting (we grew tired, it was late), while the guy was having sex with the other. i don’t think he realized that we were using our “down time” in that way, but we talked about it afterwards, so i’m sure we were both on the same page.

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