stalling tactics by logo

i have written like a super long email (think several pages in a4 print) to lauren cornell explaining why every single mention of me in that stupid article is incorrect, damaging, hurtful and should be taken off.

for some reason can not get organized to delete one single paragraph.

i am getting a feeling they are stalling me.

when brian made absolute fuckup with the procedure and rules and made this article it is fine. but suddenly procedure is slow and must be obeyed and they can not just edit the damn article and take me out.

i mean what is this? kafka? it would take anyone there to edit an article in 5 minutes. fuck his rights as a writer, what of my rights in the first place? just take me out of that rubbish.

as time passes more and more people read this article and more damage is done. i have carefully explained why this article is damaging and i do not want to write about this in public anymore. there are serious reasons why. serious to my work, to me and to my art. obviously does not take this as seriously as they should if editing one single paragraph is more important than such damage to me.

keep in mind that the effect of this article is as if a spy would publish national secrets in newspapers. you can not see that but some people will see it and it will damage me and my work.

this is clearly explained to lauren and yet there is no reaction – they are discussing?!?!?! what is there to discuss. either do it or don’t.

if you do not want to do it than we continue this useless battle over stupid blog posts and comments and emails but ultimately it will be me who will suffer damage due to this article and now both brian and will be responsible for this.