steven schkolne

steven schkolne

steven schkolne just started following me on twitter so i remembered him. it is not as if i have forgotten about steven schkolne. it is not possible to forget about steven. it is just that he was not my dialy priority, but guys like that, they are always around, in a positive sense i mean.

i just checked his site and he has a very nice video which explains his image making process. i am not a fan of his images, they are not my cup of tea. it does not mean it is bad. i hardly like any stuff apart from mine, and i also like mine for very personal reasons, it has little to do with absolute sense of quality (if such scale can be imagined even!).

anyway, watching this video made me appreciate schkolne’s work.

i think actually the video of his process is the best work he has made and if his obsession with these images was necessary to push him into making such a nice video than images are cool as well.

always this question of what art is… a bit boring…

unfortunatelly i can not embed steven’s video so you will have to visit his website at and click on “process” link. very strange that he walks barefoot – this is not healthy.

maybe steven should make a lot of videos about stuff that he does, i think he is good with this, it is interesting to watch and inspiring. what he makes is not important as long as we can see it online.

i only included the photo of steven in a belgrade park eating a very greacy cheese pie. i think made in spring of 2004.