the third man and orson welles

the third man orson welles

i saw two great films in last two days.

first one is the third man by carol reed.

orson welles apears only few times in the film but makes such an awesome impact.

i am very happy when sometimes i never see some movies and suddenly i see them for the first time when i am older. it is so good to experience some older films when you are more mature. as if they just went out. and some of these movies are sooooo god.

i was always a fan of citizen kane but i am sorry that i have seen it ever since i was a kid so i can not experience it for the first time now.

the third man is so nice – about a friend who finds a friend and putts him out his misery. the idea of a girl, anne, and a friend who love a friend but ignore his crimes. also major calloway and paine are so cool. and the gay couple. the whole movie is so rich and interesting, everybody did everything perfectly so it is one great big perfection. even imperfections add to the beauty.

the final chase scene through the sewers of vienna is memorable.


nice music by anton karas: