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jamie whitmore

jamie whitmore is a xterra triathlon world champion. i have been checking her website sometimes, like every few months. suddenly i visited it and i saw she was ill from cancer or tumor, and that she was undergoing serious operations. i was amazed.

there are like million people who have health issues, very serious health issues, but for some reason, i have no clue why, i got interested in her case.

i made her a website as her support website was a mess – i tried to organize the website for a charity auction dedicated to her – you can see it at

also i made a art website for her, hoping i will make a poster which can be sold and profit should go to her. this website is at the poster will be available soon and i will announce it.

i was very nervous about mixing my art with sports, i feel very at easy being totally not sensitive when i am into art or work, however this situation is very touchy and i did not know how to go about it. please email me what you think about the text, i tried to make it reasonable yet strong.

for more info about jamie whitmore also check out

annoying the whole cancer thing.