the invasion with nicole kidman

the invastion is a super stupid movie. do not watch it unless you like going to a cinema with couple of your best friends and laughing at super stupid movies.

here are few simple reasons why this movie is so bad:

first 1/3 of the movie is all about how nicole kidman is cute, they went so far to show her niples through a shirt which in a way is ok but on the other hand her branding was always too elegant for such cheap tricks, its something which works with pamela anderson, i would never think of nicole kidman doing it.

the asian kid just shows up out of nowhere! who is that asian kid and why is he part of the last scene!?!?

the guy from bond, daniel craig, looks like he just sucked a lemon. he needs to work on that.

the whole story is super stupid. it would work like a b movie but with all the actors and effects its bizarre yet boring (actually a hard combination to achieve).

instead of the invastion i suggest that you watch john carpenters they live which has one of the best and most meaningless fighting scenes ever. a beautiful film in any aspect.