the call of ktulu

ever since i was 12 or so i am trapped in a world of doom, metallica, howard phillips lovecraft and sigmund freud. i can not help it, it might not be cool but these cultural elements have been imprinted in my subconscious and they will stay there forever.

however, i am lucky that first three have been combined in greatness as i heard there is a version of doom that features metallica song the call of ktulu which is inspired by lovecraft’s call of cthulhu. somehow unfortunately sigmund freud eluded this mixture. i could make my own mix but that will substitute the joy of discovery and amazement with hard unpaid work. who knows… maybe in a poem later on.

anyway i have just listened to the call of ktulu and have enjoyed it so much.

it is enough to forgive anti-napster campaign to metallica (and lars knew it).

whoever invented metal instrumentals is a genius.