the problem with serbia

nicholson decaprio scorcese the departed

the other night i caught my dad in a moment of weakness.

he started few sentences by saying: in this country it is tough, this country this, this country that….

i instinctively pissed him of to get a bit more aggression flowing through his veins.

he is a tough businessmen who learned the trade by collecting million dollar debts in 70s nigeria.

i do not want to hear him bitching about bullshit like this.

he is a prize fighter, a stallion, a winner, not a complainer.

he will own this territory, not submit to some paranoid insecurities.

luckily after a minute or two he changed his mind and started being creative and constructive again.

weakness is in the mind, we must always be focused on the fight,

and if we loose focus hopefully a friend is near by to remind us of this focus.

however, some people in serbia are pussies.

they complain non stop (like me now).

they talk as if people in switzerland wake up to blowjumps and pancakes every day.

like everything north west is a dream land.

they become immigrants with no self-respect who wash toilets and drive taxis in vienna.

i really do not get it.

what are they scared of? what is their problem?

this country is great.

it is not greatest, it is not worst, it is great.

it is a messy result of millenia of fuckups which is the most normal thing in the universe.

you can not be on top all the time, nor you can be on the bottom.

who cares?!

i like the mess of it, i like the mentality and i love the struggle.

and thats how it is everywhere.

if i had enough money i would pay all these complainers to go somewhere else.

they obviously have never seen an african township.

it makes you respect your toilet, running water and electricity.

how do you know you have it good in this world?

does it mean you have apple computer, bmw car and live on park avenue nyc.

i think more realistic standard is:

running water, electricity, basic medicine and if you have internet and a bike you are doing great.

why ask for more?

this is above average for the current state of humanity.

complainers are never happy.

they always more and they want someone else to give it to them.

they always want it easy.

be gone, complainers! be gone!

living is not supposed to be easy – that is the fun part.

live here and now.

the problem with serbia are complainers!