you have to earn it

michael jordan

again, i am super annoyed.

this time by a triathlon interview on serbian tv.

the show host started with reporter asking a stupid question – something like: so you have it bad?

then a guy who never amounted to anything substantial in sport started a 2min avalanche of complains:

there are no clubs, no coaches, how he is all alone in the universe and everybody is against him.

any sign of insecurity there?

there should be a law preventing people who do not earn their spot from doing tv interviews.

is there anything more annoying than someone not doing 1% of work but complaining for lack of results?

on tv!

i do not think so.

it is the most annoying thing in the world.

if you want respect, if you want people to give you money, stuff, whatever…

guess what!

you have to earn it.

you are not entitled to it just by birth.

no one is.

it is a competitive world.

if you do not make the money do not go around blaming the banks.

if your business is doing shit then maybe you did something wrong.

if you are not the world champion do not go around blaming your coach.

if you are not the worlds smartest guy do not blame your mom for having sex with a moron.

and do not do it on tv.

at least not when i can see it.


if you are not making it, if you are not able to get what you want…

well thats how it is – deal with it and focus on the good stuff.

please, never complain on tv.

only people who care to listen to complains are complainers.

i just noticed this post is a big complaint! :)