today as a list

woke up and ate two toasts with jam and cheese while watching THE LAST episode of twin peaks.

agent cooper has been overtaken by bob.

spent next few minutes thinking is there a message: good does not pay off.

that rich hotel guy also became good and his daughter was killed.

good directing by david.

worked online.

found out on twitter will fell of a bike.

ate roasted potatos while watching savage mesiah. good movie.

weird scene with fat chick talking about huge dicks. kept looking for a message there as well.

whole day looking for messages in these weird movies. should stop that. theres no message.

igor called. i coached him a bit for his triathlon belaggio race. he said i fucked up his bike and improved his run.

thats something. he was fifth. good result. life goes on.

worked more.

went to cinema to see the last airbender.

what a piece of shit.

i was genius enough to complain about strong airconditioning in cinema exactly 1 min before the movie finished.

so much for that.

i spent an hour watching a movie with a shirt over my head to wait for the last minute.

stupid movie. stupid aircon.

bought some health bread.

while shopping for bread i found sugared strawberries in the supermarket. very expensive, like 20 euros per kilo.

like its norway and not serbia.

i took 100 grams, ate half of it in about 30secs and got sick from sugar so i left it all before getting to the till.

therefore i did steal about 1 euro worth of sugared strawberries from the supermarket.

i almost regularly eat small quantities of nuts and sugared fruit in supermarkets. it became an addiction.

i am a thief. i steal. will i go to hell?

is there a message there. none.

got back home.


found out lisa won itu sprint world champs.

lisa reminded me she was u23 world champion.

i wrote a five page philosophical email to lisa about media theory and sports, deleted it cause it was useless impractical rant.

in next attempt i tried to suggest something more practical.

remembered i did not promote igor. i did promote him.

martina made palenta – ate two plates.

than mom made me dinner. i was super full but i wanted to do the daily 30 mins with parents.

went up and ate a plate of mince meat with vegetables while watching tomb rider.

i like angelina jolie. i like her father is also in the film. i also like that daniel craig is there. do not ask me why.

no message there.

found south park facebook episode on facebook.

discovered south park youtube episode on youtube.

discovered the roots of breakdance.

good laugh.

no message there.

wrote this post.

will go to bed soon.

thats my day.

today was like 5 hours of movies distributed between notebook, tv and cinema, and 5 hours of internet + about 6000 kcal.

thats why i do sports, otherwise i would end up 90kg AGAIN and dead in 5 years.

i start training in few days again.

thanks for reading this far.