who is to blame?

mcdonald's happy meal day 137

mcdonald’s is not evil.

it is just a company.

companies follow regulation.

if you do not like what mcdonald’s – or any other company does – check out who sets regulation.

it is government.

government lets tobacco make cigarettes, it lets mcdonald’s use same oil for french fries for a week, lets your kids go to war for some idiotic dispute, etc

this is the point of democracy. it is up to you to decide what is good.

if you vote and complain then government will react (if democracy functions).

problem is most people do not participate in democracy but end up blogging and bitching.

you are the one setting the regulation for mcdonald’s.

if you want more salads than fight for it through a democratic system.

maybe you will realize that mcdonald’s does what most people want and you are a minority.

this is the unpleasant truth.

most people are not as enlightened as you and most people love mcdonald’s.

mcdonald’s does not force itself, it simple does what people want and what regulation allows.

regulation again does what people want – if you live in a democracy.

so who is to blame?

mcdonald’s? government? you?