toshiba portégé r500

toshiba portégé r500 gnome

i do not really care much about gadgets.

if i could use the same laptop and mobile phone it would be just fine for me.

i kept buying these expensive mobile phones and they kept breaking and interfaces were so annoyingly useless so i really got fed up and just got the cheapest mobile phone i could get and am super happy now. i am keeping the old one just for the sake of internet and some other options. retro interface is so easy and relaxing.

i should organize group therapy which is based on using old mobile phone interfaces. iphone is psycho, too much. give me motorola interface from 1994! two colors, just few huge characters on the screen. the real revolution was when we got that second like hapening.

every few years i have to buy a new laptop. i know for some this is super long time but i really get a lot of mileage of my hardware.

i decided to get something easy to carry around. i got toshiba portégé r500. its an older model but is easy to carry: it is light and a bit mess-proof. like i can shake it etc…

sounds good.

i need to put my stickers on the back of it now, thats the most important stuff. also i need to install doom 1 and doom 2. it is how i relax.

i need to learn adobe illustrator over again as well, have not used it in decades.

also i am really not into apple stuff, i do not trust one company that makes everything. sounds like communism. toshiba is just fine, it is like no brand almost. toshiba maybe means nothing in japanese. or no name.

also having some kind of a small hardware thing is a status symbol and since recently i got more active in selling my services through my super weird agency (see i think a flashy hardware like this can help a bit. if i had a light saber it would help more. not a fake one but a rela one. but i can not get that yet. if i could use the force that would be super great as well. if i had a starship. if i had death star. all cool. but i can not have it yet. maybe one day. now toshiba portégé r500 is enough.

i will see how it works. it looks unreal thin and light. i am used to heavy and big machines.

do not trust a notebook which is les sthan 10kg – my mother always said.

i did not get that gnome with the laptop.

good night.


do not ask me why i added gnome images to this post, i really do not know why…