us elections

barack obama john mccain hilary clinton

john mccain or barack obama, the question is now!

i am sure that if mccain was elected there would be third world war within 12 months. there is no doubt about that. that guy is just hungry for blood. obama again is the biggest bullshitter ever in the history of us politics. he has great speeches and says all the right stuff, he is designed from head to toe perfectly. but what will he deliver we can only hope will be 1% of what he talks about.

basically, us politics is super well designed: good cop / bad cop routine.

it is clear from start that a mad man like mccain will never win. he is there only to make obama look better, to make obama look like the only choice. next to mccain even i would look like liberation for us politics.

this is a huge issue in extremely polarized and marketing driven political scene of united states of america. any such extreme polarization can not be a true representation of democracy. any political system which is so much based on marketing (fireworks) can not be truly democratic.

if there was maybe a third candidate, one who promises less than obama and is more realistic, and one who is not so aggressive like mccain, maybe americans would have a better idea who is who. but this way, with this extreme polarization, with these two guys who are almost unreal as cartoon characters, there is no real reference.

in my mind they are both crazy and none of them would actually make much impact.

united states will still bomb couple of countries around the world, maybe it will not be as obvious as during bush, but there is no chance foreign policy will change. it is was feeds usa and no president will make its nation hungry. obama is all about giving vague promises and only reason he will win is because no one with a solid clear mind will vote for mccain.

but no matter what usa wins – the whole world is obsessed with us elections and this is the ultimate goal of a nation which bases its economy on an illusion of importance. i am not against it but it is a fact. it is a smart strategy everybody should and must use.

america produces little and most of it’s money comes from talking (services, trading etc…). china and india and such places actually make stuff while america does not produce anymore (or its production is insignificant to its more abstract economies). usa mostly controls stuff, and this is great.

but to maintain this “usa needs attention” thing, it needs to be in the center of things, of our minds, and us elections are only one of any ways to get to the center, into the spotlight. most important thing is to make an impression. real work is not so important as long as things can barely function.

if people (both americans and everybody else) believe america is important than america will be important. there is no such thing as bad press. bush has made that clear.

american elections are, when it comes to non us markets, a great campaign for the importance of usa.

whoever is chosen i doubt will make much difference on anything.

obama is mostly a nice ad campaign that polishes up an image of a country that has done badly for couple of decades now. obama is a marketing project, the reality of his work will be probably 1% different from bush or clinton or anyone else in the past few decades.

experts always find details that seem like differences, but at the end american presidents do very simple things: make sure america functions properly… at any cost.

nothing wrong about it.

sure – i would like to see less centralization of power, more real artists who control the world, and less pragmatic and aggressive behaviour disguised as helping or changing or teaching. but at the end humans are humans and this is how things work with humans.

good luck…