under super stupid land

under super stupid land

under super stupid land is a new web art piece i have made yesterday. it is helping me slowly put all my work together. it is a small step in the process of making one great narrative.

i need to build the characters first, than classify them into good and evil, than organize their battles, than create all the sub plots. each with their own brands, visuals, stories, complexities. i guess i will be buying a lot of domain names in the next few years.

i am excited.

maybe i will set up a special blog just up update on the growth of this universe.

i am inspired by sid meyer’s civilization, lord of the rings, star wars, lovecraft, studio ghibli works, lichtenstein, bosch, and of course miltos and rafael. it will take a lot of time for it all to come together, it is a demanding process of coming up with stuff and producing. later on i will definitely move into more material production as well, but not soon, i might need another year of web based research and documentation before i am ready to produce physical stuff.

art is great!

thank you for reading…