why people love war

nazgûl death

it is obvious that people just love war. and i know why?

how could anyone refuse the idea of a romantic death.

i mean when you see peole dieing of some stupid illness and all the ugly weak shit that comes with it, i can understand so many people choose to die in some romantic battle agains imaginary evil. it is like “i have to die so might as well die as a hero” or some bullshit like that.

who knows? maybe it makes sense. i have never been in battle or war.

i am sure part of everyone’s decision to go to war was inspired by the hero thing. war advertising plays on it, on the importance of individual for the collective and the hero thing – romantic death.

if i knew i would die tomorrow id rather die in a epic sword battle than in a bed for sure. i would prefer to be a good swordsman though, kind of silly to get chopped up immediatelly.

a cool way to die would be fighting some kind of a huge animal, like a dragon, and killing it, but i get wounded and i die on spot. i think this kind of death was described in lord of the rings “return of the king”, it is how king théoden dies under the nazgûl.

so, to summarize – dieing in a fight with nazgûl is way better than from cancer or something as stupid as cancer.

i am very death obsessed lately, too many funerals.

just thinking out loud…