weight loss report 11 sep 2013

nikola tosic mtb


raw generalized data

i started weight loss on 4 july 2013.

weight on 4 july 2013 was 78.1 kg.

today my weight was 73.4kg.

total weight loss is 4.7kg.

i lost 6% if my starting weight.

weight loss rate was 67g / day.

i spent total of 60h 25min training.

i spent a total of 3.59% of time to loose 6% of weight.


a bit more insight

in july i lost only less than 1kg as most of my training was in a gym.

in august i started loosing weight at rate below 1kg/week

because i did endurance training on the bike.

however i was not fit enough for longer rides and i could not do two workouts per day.

in september weight loss accelerated as i was able to do 2 workouts per day,

and even reach 3 hours or training per day.

i seem to be coming back into triathlon training easily.

even though i run about 5km a week i improved my running fitness drastically with only cycling.


problems i experienced

my first goal was to achieve a routine and prevent injury with gym training.

however, i see gym training as extremely boring and pointless and after 3 weeks i have had enough of it.

at first my bike training was hard as i was neither skilled nor fit.

i kept improving my skills slowly and i hired a coach to give me technique skills.

the mtb technique coach suggested i lower the handlebars which helped a lot.

i immediately felt much more confident and therefore i experienced more fun training.

i experienced a lot of tightness and fatigue in lower quads which slowed down my recovery.

accumulation of this fatigue prevented me from increasing training hours.

i tried two massages to fix it and there was no result.

i thought it was a problem with my lack of strength in my muscles.

finally, moving the seat up by 5mm resolved this issue.


next goal

i hope to reach 1 october with as close to 70kg as possible.

last time i was 70kg it was december 2012 and i ran 100kg for pavle.

at 67-68kg i am able to run 4:30 without problems and therefore further improve my fitness.

what i realized is that i really dislike running slow so i need to get fitter before i start running more.

running however, allows me to have a second workout i a day (i am not motivated to cycle twice).

and two workouts per day on week days help me loose weight fastest.

these are short workouts, but when distributed over morning and evening, this is most effective.


general conclusion on weight loss

if people train, they are performance athletes – someone who strives to perform in sports.

weight loss is just a first stage in being a performance athlete.

gym is good only as a small addition to sports performance training.

bike fit is really important as it can lower motivation and cause fatigue.