what is poetry all about?

comments i received regarding my fuck fuck fuck poem have made me realize how little people understand what poetry or writing is about.

it is irrelevant weather this poem is good or not, such things are always hard to discuss or rate anyway, nor there is any purpose of such valuation because this poem is not part of any competition. the purpose of this and many other poems is not to win popularity or anything else, but to serve as a documentation of something, an expression. so i will not discuss quality as it is useless to talk about quality of poetry.

what is interesting is that many people take poetry literarly although poetry is almost never to be taken literarly.

if you are reading a washing machine manual than you can take it literarly. poetry however is not really what it says. and such poems as fuck fuck fuck are always a good example of that. but of course it always takes additional energy to figure it out, to do the research, to open up and sense the main point of the poem. why is it writen? for whom is it writen?

anyway, please do not send me comments how bad it is not to like hungarians and that americans aren’t really all hicks and homosexual – i know all this – im not that crazy to think this literarly – thats why this is a poem and not a statement of my political party – these two are very different.

also i specifically suggested that you watch the 25th hour by spike lee.