what is the point of talking

i have no idea.

while my wordpress interface was loading i got the idea for this article. i realized that i do not know what is the point of talking to anyone. to truly find out what the point of talking is i should not talk for a while. for long enough to really miss it. i wonder how long this would be.

maybe i should just take out one action/function at a time until i completely minimize my existence. it would be a good experiment, i am sure that it was never done, or if it was maybe by only few people and never really documented properly.

who says people need to go to north pole to explore. you can explore so much without even leaving your living room. this is what poetry is all about.

i suddenly lost my interest in north pole exploration. it seams so weak compared to sitting on a computer and writing blog posts. at least for me, writing online is a huge rush.

what is the point of exploring north pole. to find out i would need to exclude it. it is excluded and i do not care for it so there is no point. however i get terrified by the idea of excluding blogging for a second.

this post is most interesting for me. it is written in less than 3 minutes without any prior thought.

thank you for reading.