wikipedia battle against brett sutton

brett sutton

brett sutton is an australian triathlon coach who had sex with his female 14 y/o athlete.

he was convicted of sexual child abuse by australian authorities and as a punishment was only banned of working as a coach in australia.

what he did is established himself in thailand and switzerland and continued his career there.

obviously, australian government is not very protective of its children.

when i learned of this few years ago i noticed that brett sutton’s wikipedia page was more like an advertising pamphlet promoting his business, rather than an objective entry. there was no word of his sexual abuse and his definition was glorifying him.

i guessed that web master in his triathlon team tbb got a bit carried away.

since i was editing and starting pages on triathlon on wikipedia i figured this one should be a bit more objective so i added information about his sexual abuse of children.

since then i was asked for interviews and was in numerous debates about is it ok to say that this guy had sex with children. all of it very strange to me that this guy, brett sutton, has such a huge following and that so many people are so scared of him. it seems to be a shock that i had the “courage” to write what is obvious.

till today, maybe some 3-4 years since this started, i have to check his page and edit it so it makes sense.

today i noticed “someone” moved his criminal record all the way bellow see also section which is highly unusual for wikipedia. also his main definition – first few sentences – was again glorifying him and there was almost no mention of controversy.

i edited it and i expect that again “they” edit it back.

i wonder for how many years brett sutton will keep on trying to polish up his image on wikipedia.

is it not better to just let it go and admit and dedicate that time to a charity or something, help fight child abuse in sports or something like that.

obviously this is a man in desperate need of some form of counseling so he can maybe finally face his guilt, it does not work if decades after he is in extreme denial believing that coaching few girls in quite an uncompetitive sport makes it ok to have sex with 14 y/o girls.