hate mail


got my first hate mail.

people send hate mail directly, they do not comment openly online, always angry, with threats.

hate mail is a digital version of a brick through a window.

i will try to publish all hate mail i get, maybe it protects me a bit and keeps future email bully’s away.

It is fair for you to have your opinion of things. I would ask you this – have you ever sat down with the man you are chastising and had a conversation?

Wikipedia is a place to present facts, and what you have presented is a fact.

It is one of many.

I am in no way related to Brett Sutton, what he does, or what he has done.

I admire him for who he is and what he has accomplished. I would agree that he has made some mistakes, and while I have not seen your personal past on parade on Wikipedia, I am willing to make a bet that you have made more than a couple of mistakes in your life.

Perhaps someone should scour your past and publicize any stupid thing you might have done in your life… it might make for some real entertainment.

I would urge you to perhaps have a conversation with someone that you are willing to chastise online before making bold sweeping claims, lest you be on the receiving end of some sort of lawsuit.

Just a thought.

I know that the Internet allows stupid people to more easily broadcast their stupidity publicly, but you should really think about that for a bit…

p.s. I am the someone that is editing the page now… and I certainly am not Sutton’s webmaster. As stated previously, I am in no way to connected to TBB or Sutton. If you really knew what you were talking about, you would know that Sutton has absolutely nothing to do with that page, or even having this conversation publicly – because it’s pointless to try to have a conversation with someone like you.

I am an avid triathlete and budding coach. I should hope that I will be able to accomplish on tenth of what he has in his career… that would be marvelous.