wyne veen christmas photos

wyne veen christmas photo

wyne veen

i like wyne veen, she does nice photos and is a very nice light relaxed radiant happy cool easygoing cheerful bouncy elegant slim and fit girl. she has a nice face too.

check out her christmas photo shoot which i think is so dreamy and cool.

i did a book with wyne veen a while ago. she did the photos and i did the text. i am not happy with how it turned out. it was our first attempt. instinct that tells me that we should do more stuff together as i am very drawn to her photos.

each photo i see makes me think: what is behind? they are hypnotic. there is not much but it just makes me paranoid and scared, but in a very moody soft kind of way. like there is something just out of the camera, maybe something dangerous, something mysterious, something not to be shown.

all her photos have this electricity, this pressure.

her work reminds me of david lynch films – i get the same feeling from twin peaks. nothing is as simple as it looks, there is always some dark horror around the edges, and it can eat us at any moment and we poke it because we are stupid and it is almost awakened.

wyne veen are one of the most scary photos i have ever seen.

i am absolutely terrified!

thanks wyne for terrifying me with photos of christmas stuff.

wyne veen christmas cloth