croatian version of the pioneer plaque

croatian pioneer plaque pioneer plaque

above is the croatian version of the pioneer plaque which i found in euphrasian basilica, and next to it is the original version sent to space in 1972 1nd 1973.

i guess the croatian was not sent yet although it shows a much more mature and direct message to aliens: stop, badly dressed woman, cocker spaniel, badly dressed man, old nokia cellphone, smoking cigarette and ice cream cone with too many ice cream balls on it.

also it shows that men and women are inferior to cocker spaniels which makes a lot of sense – it is not dogs that take care of us but we take care of dogs!

cellphones, cigarettes and ice cream are most dominant items in every day lives of an average human also.

anyway, i wish that croatians do get their plaque in space and hopefully it will be found by some aliens one day. croatian space plaque is much more down to earth and realistic compared to snobbish math and zodiac crap that nasa made in 70s.

most important is that croatian space plaque does not give any directions to where we are to aliens. it makes sense – if aliens need directions from us than they must be retarded – if they do not need directions they should be smart enough not to kill us.

great work!

only thing i do not like is the ice cream cone with too many balls. it is obviously not possible to sustain it under average climate conditions. probably only place such a cone can be sustain is in any of the cryogenic chambers. maybe that cone should demonstrate humans do have substantial technology like cryogenic chambers – i do not know – anyway this is a bit too hard to guess for aliens.