2 x 5000m night chase

cold weather running

on thursdays i run long tempo intervals.

since it is between -10C and -5C these days everything is in ice so i do my running on the partizan track.

already 4 hours of running on track this week.

half of it was in bends (200m of 400m track is a bend).

i can not switch the direction because only one lane is cleaned from ice and there are other people.

one of my legs will become bigger than the other.

today i ran 2 x 5000m tempo – something between 3:50 and 4:00min/km.

it felt moderate.

i usually run in the dark and there are no lights on the stadium.

there was only one guy also running a tempo.

he was running maybe 10-15km at 3:40min/km.

i tried to follow and not let him escape too much.

he gained maybe 200m on 5km on me.

it was a strange experience.

running fast in a dark circle.

no sounds.

very cold.

me and the guy on the other side of the track.

when you see other runners they seem like robots.

it was a good session and in spite of my extra 10% weight i feel able to run.

if and when i loose those few kilos i will probably accelerate 10-15sec/km easy.

i was proud.

then i started chatting to a guy in the locker room.

i asked him for his pb.

he said 28:30 on 10km.

and i got super depressed.

sports sucks.