good bye to icon medialab italy?

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when i was cleaning my house i found my icon medialab italy business cards from 1999.

icon medialab italy was my first serious job when i was 20 years old.

previously i worked for my father since i was 16, and i worked as freelance designer.

few months i tried as a real estate agent out of crazy curiosity and i never sold anything so i gave up.

i consider icon my first serious job because my real interests became “serious” – whatever that means.

i went from being an alone freelance working from home, to an art director working for huge global brands.

and in only in few weeks!

i felt like james bond, like a rock star… in the middle of a dot com crash.

i was “smart” to ask for cash only.

11 years later i am still in touch with a lot of people from that time.

those 10 months in that office created a bond between us which will probably be around forever.

i met chris on icon intranet and since then we went through friendship and hate few times every year (like seasons).

marco was my firs boss who in the first week told me i am crazy.

he still keeps saying this every time he sees me.

jorgen did the first job interview with me.

he also called me crazy and visited us in belgrade.

arianna and i came together for our job interviews, eventually she married the boss :)

consuelo was a funky art director sitting next to me and making things always more funny.

many more people… i could write a book.

i got a weird emotional linkedin notice just now icon medialab italy is no more.

now it is lbi.


i thought that linkedin group was there to connect us ex employees, not to promote the current business.

for me icon medialab as a company does not exist for a decade.

when i think of icon medialab i think of connection between people, a personal experience, not a business.

i feel the same about benetton and tim work.

i do not care about the businesses, businesses are not people.

lbi needs to check their social media strategy.

not everything needs to be controlled so tightly.

social media strategies which deal with problems with “delete” are not best.

if you delete a group you can confuse hundreds, if not thousands of people.

take it easy, relax… live and let live.

if you are an ex icon medialab italy or global employee go here.

finally… i was really lucky with my career.

thanks to everybody who made that happen.