200m in 30sec

since i changed my running technique i sped up a bit.

today i finally got a chance to test it on 200m intervals.

ole stougaard, my coach, suggested i could do sub 30sec for 200m.

on 4th 200m interval i decided to race an 1:54 / 800m guy and managed a 200m at just a bit above 30sec.

still a slow start, overweight, out of shape, and technique still far from good.

i believe i can do 28-29sec for 200m.

considering my goals are ultra races might be confusing why i work on 200m speed.

200m intervals are great for leg speed, efficiency and technique.

its an easy workout – 6-10 x 200m with 200m jogg or 2min rest is quick and efficient.

just do it.

track is back.

i believe i can fly.

nothing is impossible.

200m in 30sec should not be so hard

but how many people in the world can do it?

not so many i think.