accenture - day in the life of an analyst

just had to write one more post inspired by this video.

after my afternoon beauty sleep i remembered that i worked for benetton.

there i was hired after accenture and razorfish were fired.

accenture suggested an investment of like X million euro which got zero results, while benetton got more done by hiring a 21 year old kid like me.

my day at work after accnture was fired, on the same project:

8am wake up

have like 3 pastries and two coffees in this awesome coffee place in treviso

chit chat and goof of at work till lunch

have lunch either with top management or teenage designers or truck drivers – either way its best food ever

work for an hour in the afternoon, chit chat the rest of the time, go to water machine about 50 times

go out for wine and snacks

actually do work on weekends when i was alone a home, only time i could be productive away from that horrible tadao ando building where you can hear anyone fart 100m away, worst building to work at!

i would probably get more done if i was at the beach alone and if at least one person could have told me what actually needs to be done.

at least our way of work was an upgrade from above accenture bullshit.

if you are running a big company think twice before you fall for this crap with buzzwords and fancy talk, in practice its useless.

if you want to work for a company like accenture – are you sure you will not have a better life flipping burgers in your own little burger shop on the corner?

accenture has like million employees and i am their direct competition.

they have to feed all those people and pay for all those pencils and postits and electricity bills and coffees. i don’t.

i doubt that anyone ever really evaluated if there is actually any effect to paying consultants tons of money. if you know of any studies please let me know. i think eventually companies loose while accenture and such companies have to somehow continue existing at the expense of energy of all these young people slaving for them, and companies hiring them.

at the end thats why toothpaste costs double what it should be.