at certain point in history people realized slavery is not efficient.

if you take a cynical point of view you can easily say that it was probably not a moral decision, as much as slaves were just not good enough.

meaning that the model of slavery was not good enough for future challenges.

if you need 1000 people to work with primitive tools or in a factory slavery can work.

if you need 100.000 people to work on more intellectually demanding jobs, finish tasks which require higher level of motivation, than basic form of slavery does not work.

enter the salary concept.

8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week, you work for a salary, of which part of it goes to credits, loans, etc…

whats the difference between being fed and given shelter to working for a salary and doing it yourself.

maybe i am too cynical, and for sure our situation now is far better than that of a slave centuries ago.

we have a lot of freedoms – much less than we think but more than we would have had before (i hope).

one thing is important – maintenance of impression that things are better.

this is good from one side as we can not change anything, things change by themselves slowly through centuries, we will all be dead before any significant change happens anyway. (new apple product is not a significant change no matter how much their marketers wish to make you think this!)

am i a slave? or am i enslaving anyone.

it took me years to figure out a way not to be a slave and not to enslave anyone.

it feels like being a pirate.

maybe i did not succeed, i do not know.