all the star wars products i bought in last few months

bob iger

star wars mania accelerated in 2015 with force awakens getting closer.

here is a list of shopping outcome:

– numerous lego star wars sets, including quite elaborate ewok village;

– our kids, especially djordje who was 4, got star wars clothing and toys mostly from disney official stores;

– playstation 4 and star wars battlefront for me;

– disney infinity 3 with clone wars and rebels figures;

– trip to disneyland paris with a lot of attention to star wars shop;

– cinema tickets in december as we saw the force awakens few times.

in retrospective star wars related purchases are one of the bigger expenses for us as a family in 2015.

disney also got some of our cash for marvel and other properties.

we also had xbox one lego star wars game before and we watched most of clone wars and rebels.

brands which got most of our purchases, besides disney, are lego and sony.

star wars is visually present in our lives maybe 10 – 20 mins per day.

most of us think of star wars maybe few times every day.

i mostly think of sith and jedi in terms of good vs evil.

kids are interested in it because irena and i care about it so they try to join in.

they are not fully into it.

minions definitely win over star wars when it comes to ages 5 and 10.

i think our family makes bob iger happy.