- my new startup


1) i have a choice to do what i want.

2) i choose to make specific things which i believe are good.

3) i choose to work with partners, staff, clients, who i like to work with.

resulting from this, on 1 jan 2016 i have started a new project:

i am sure that how we explain this project in next weeks or months will change,

but the essence is that we are automating branding and brand strategy.

it is a software tool for marketers, managers, and owners.

my motivation is:

– for most of my life i have been investigating the idea of a brand.

– i love making software that creates a change.

– i love working for other businesses.

our team is smaller.

over past 6 years i tried bigger teams, and now i am happy we start with only four as core team:

design, technology, sales.

i am very excited about this step.