am i wrong?

nikola tosic

this whole brian droitcour and business… i am still thinking about that. am i wrong?

what did brian do that is so different than most of the media. its hardly that he is original in this behaviour. sure he could have been more respectful and check stuff with me, but overall his and bullish is super predictable.

his crazy bizarre text is actually more typical than what i would like to read.

after this happened i started reading art books i have at home and art sites, i realized its all quite bizarre. and i have been reading this crap since i was born. like these cheap interpretations, mostly cheap political propaganda stereotypical shit, just like brian’s.

i mean what do we really know about these people and how far can one trust these people who write about anything. its messy no?

history i can not take seriously. people bitch about advertising and they consider history seriously. ok, maybe at some early low level history has a chance to be precise – some historians find evidence and document it. but when it ends up in our minds its no different than detergent commercial.

then when someone like brian shows up, young guy who wants to make some cash, tries to pretend he is important, works for a publisher who likes to think they are important, they have all grown up in this media bullshit, and of course they do not know better and can not even understand why is someone like me annoyed by it all.

it is like talking chinese…

and yet i am probably wrong to channel this towards few players if i am annoyed by the whole game. but i did not know this. i am learning.