lance armstrong trek madone by damien hirst

Damien Hirst Trek Madone by Lance Armstrong

as part of stages show damien hirst colored a bike for lance armstrong.

don’t know how many of you are following the tour. some say its boring, some say its the best ever.

in any case lance is doing a great job. many people with hard egos tend to hate him and then love him, and back again. he is surely very controversial. one can not decide (as gavin says).

same goes for damien hirst – do you love him or hate him. damien and lance are same i guess?

both are making an impact and i guess its 99% positive impact and they do not really hurt anyone, maybe someone who is direct competition, but not really anyone else. so they should be loved.

some athletes used to hate lance, most artists detest damien… is it jealousy? i do not know.

i think both are doing a great job. its the top of things, and of course they namedrop and do all the usual “top of things” things, but at the end it seems like good fun work.

great job to damien hirst and lance armstrong.

any combination of endurance sports and contemporary art is super cool by default.