b sharpa by pioneer unit is out

ben sharpa

i first visited cape town some 5 years ago to visit a friend – damien stephens. i knew damian only over email and icq. he, if i remember correctly, did an interview with me for his website dplanet.org which might not online anymore in the form i remember it. i was happy to see damian and he was happy to see me, and than he kicked me out the next day. luckily through francois i found a really nice house on clifton 4th beach and stayed there for next few weeks.

living on a beach was both interesting and boring. at the time i had an injury from a game of monopoly – i squeezed a nerve in my knee while laying on the floor – so i had these horrible pains in my lower back and i walked like a hunchback. i hanged out a bit with damian and i met nick, the crazy p4 radio star (i wonder if he is still alive), and sidney, the usa rapper/enterpreneur/i dont know what else. sidney told me he was dating a serbian girl from milano, an ex elite model. i was super amazed to find out it was svetlana, ex roomate of marko, who worked with us in benetton as a flash developer (he was working for 21networks at the moment). amazing i met svetlana through damian in cape town.

i spent some time with damien, anne, svetlana, i rented a car and crashed it within 24 hours (eventually i got into driving on the different side of the street) and i had a great time. i loved cape town so much that in the last 5 years i have spent 4 winters there. one winter i did not spend there i was super depressed. cape town has grown to be my second home. or maybe third. i do not know.


damien is a very complex kind of a guy. he does many things and he has his own way of doing things. he could be a genius but i would need to really spend 10 years living with him to figure it out. how can one tell if someone is a genius. everybody could be a genius? right?

anyway, damian is a music producer for a long time and now he is starting to be a super serious music producer. he was always serious but now he is getting some serious results.

one of his artists b sharpa sounds cool and you can check him out on blip.fm (search for b sharpa) or on pioneerunit.com.

b sharpa sound is good for long runs…