bpa free water bottles

bpa free baby bottle

just read graeme’s post on bpa free water bottles and it reminded me of my past obsession with plastic and othr toxin free life. these kind of obsessions can really take over sometimes. for a while i used only bottled water, even for cooking.

however, step by step people figure out that these things are bad: bpa, aluminium, detergents and god knows how many other chemicals we have around our homes and in our lives. stuff that looks nice and smells nice (usually smell and color of lemon or lime which is what was used few centuries ago for cleaning).

try to stick to more basic stuff and avoid chemicals. most chemicals are new and there are really no resources to figure out how damaging they are. always try to use things that have been around for few centuries or more. we know glass is safe because we had it around for a while. wood as well. plastic – who knows. it takes a long time to figure these things out and there are so many new things coming out that it is not possible to keep track. usually it takes decades to prove something is going wrong. decade is a short period of time.

basically it is up to you to protect yourself from chemicals. relying on governments and producers is not serious. they just do not have the resources to protect you.