cheap or expensive

fiat mercedes

swatch rolex

hm william fioravanti

bic aurora

you get from A to B in both mercedes and fiat.

both swatch and rolex tell the time and look nice.

30 euro h&m jacket and 2000 euro custom jacket will look equally good on you if you exercise and have confidence.

if you do not take care of your body and you do no project confidence, no suit will help.

you can sign a billion euro contract with a bic as good as with an aurora pen.

for the sake of my business i need to stabilize my identity, and clothes is part of that.

i have been testing various systems of clothing but i have not found what i like.

i need to build a solid story on top of my clothing, something that connects it, a mission, a message.

i do not just want to target the 10% market segment – example: italian clothing at 1500-1750 euro.

i need a story.

if i do h&m + swatch + bic + adidas + toshiba + vw thats a story for me, it works for me.

i can not do ralph lauren + rolex + cartier + adidas + ibm + mercedes, does not suit me.

armani + bulgari + aurora + apple + porsche is confusing and desperate.

i need to find my story to define myself.

i am a man without a style, always have been.

there is a benefit in being anything and nothing, but in sales one needs to be specific, up to a point.