can you trust mark allen?

i just saw mark allen bionx above video.

i actually believed what this guy says for about 5 minutes when i was 16.

i grew up in totalitarian socialism and when i see bullshit like this i really miss it.

capitalist democracy really annoys me when every single wannabe can say whatever they want as loud as they can.

goli otok makes sense just this moment.

this might be the stuff egyptians and lybians fight for these days :)

buy bionx. mark allen recommends it with all his heart. what a joke!

if dualism is part of the human condition, then am i human?

i have an urge to do what i think and think what i do, they are one.

that is why i do sports. i think i can go 200kmh and i do it.

the dualism of mark allen is like alien acid blood for me – i do not know why but it is.

what is freedom?

mark allen’s freedom to endorse bionx or my freedom not to be exposed to such nonsense?