transparent ignorance works

nikola tosic

when i was 18 i convinced our ste genevieve track 2 mile star to join me for a gym session few days before an important race. of course, both of us started that race with major muscle soreness. since then i obviously learned nothing, because i did the same this week. went to the gym, got super sore the next day, few days before a race. 15 years learning curve = zero.

keep in mind i actually charge people for sports coaching.

in addition to falling on my face while demonstrating a running drill to a client few weeks ago, today i made an even bigger idiot of myself in front of a coaching client.

it all started yesterday. i had 30mins free and was bored and went to visit a friend who works in a sports nutrition store. when you enter this store all you see is whey whey whey. all whey packages are same size and design just different colors. main target – i imagine – is 16-25 men.

i discovered this thing called charge!. yes. thats the actual name. there was also something called precombat but that was way too extreme with 400mg of caffeine, so i decided to get charge! and try it during my 12km tempo today.

i took it some 5mins before the start and it was ok until the last km. those last 4min all i wanted is to puke and it was not from intensity. when i stopped my head felt huge and i had enormous pressure on my eyes. as if someone pumped up my brain. somehow i managed to drive home alive. still an hour later i feel weird.

since i was running with a client (and a friend) i gave him a good demonstration how much i know about sports nutrition. i bought the worst crap i could find and i almost puked during the session, and have remained messed up for hours after.

while ruining my form with unnecessary gym workouts, falling on my face while demonstrating drills and organizing my nutrition so i feel sick and useless for most of the day, i have managed to show what a great expert i am in training. still today i got two new clients, and it seems they are cool relaxed guys who know what they want.

i guess transparent ignorance always works better than fake authority.

ps in spite of sore legs, complete fail in nutrition and snow storm somehow i managed to feel easy (not the last km) at 4:05/km pace for 12km.

what did i learn?

– i will still go to the gym just because i want to, and 15 years from now i will again be sore 2 days before a race. gym is a magical place where reality is different. women wear super hooker clothes, men have weird haircuts and everybody is taking doping and its cool.

– stick to cooked vegetables and wholegrain bread for nutrition. more is not needed.

– try not to fall, puke etc while training with others.