cash is king

cash is king

i do not know what a mortgage is.

i heard it in movies and then i saw it mentioned online during the last ten years or so.

i tried to read few times on wikipedia what it is but i do not really care and i keep forgetting.

i know in movies they keep stressfully saying: get a second mortgage.

i do not know what it is.

i do not owe any money.

i got a credit card four years ago and i bought some books and shirts and paid for one dinner.

i owed 300 euros and i paid it off the other day.

that is all i owed.


zero debt.

i own an apartment.

i have a constant cash flow which, i hope, depends only on quality of my work.

i enjoy maintaining that quality so i see no problems.

there is always risk but i think it is minimal.

my blood pressure is perfect.

since i do not even know what a mortgage is, i have no debt, i have minimal stress.

my social and health insurance is paid by family business to which i pay some money back when i remember.

i exercise regularly.

i manage to eat well from time to time.

i have a car, place to live, i eat out, i travel, i have clothes i like and i can entertain myself easily and quickly.

it seems ok.

i was offered stocks ones – i asked for cash.

cash is king.

risk is always there, can not be avoided, but with cash there is less risk.

cash is a brand, an idea, which survived longer than other ideas…

99,9% of people understand and know how to use cash.

therefore it is safer.