new london usa embassy building

usa embassy london

today martina and i were in a pizza restaurant and next to us was usa ambassador.

ambassador was surrounded by five or more security agents.

agents were super bored.

they played games on cell phones and discussed steroids.

we knew the previous usa ambassador to serbia, mr. montgomery.

he seemed very friendly and liked to party the serbian way.

his wife danced with my mom on a table for new years (both were drunk i guess).

the new guy seems mega uptight.

he eats with half of special forces around him.

the procedure of paying for the pizza required a satellite surveillance.

which reminds me…

if you walk through belgrade, copenhagen of bruxelless quiet and relaxed city centers you might notice that always one building which seems ready for all out war.

usually surrounded by super tall fences and anti-tank stuff.

guarded by angry men with loaded machine guns pointed at pedestrians.


this is the usa embassy.

most capitals in the world have one and it is always a monument to paranoia and militarism.

new usa embassy is built in london.

the new embassy will include follow security features:

1 ) medieval style channel filled with acid,

2 ) 20m tall and 10m thick led walls strong enough to protect from nuclear blast,

3 ) boiling oil for dispersion of angry londoners,

4 ) a lair with dragons which can be unleashed on mujahideen terrorists,

5 ) labyrinth with a minotaur,

6 ) pandora’s box,

7 ) kryptonite,

8 ) all episodes of the simpsons.

if you are a terrorist i guess you stand no chance against london usa embassy.